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“Art to call itself such should be capable of overcoming any social, political and religious prejudice, in full respect of Man and Humanity” (Rosa Mundi)

NOTE: this press kit is not intended to be a summary of the enormous and varied production of Rosa Mundi nor of her disruptive and eclectic figure, but rather a key to reading for the Italian and foreign press to decipher in a simple and concise way the artist and his world.
For a more in-depth understanding of Rosa Mundi’s works, her education and her life paths, please refer to this site and its different sections, each focused on a specific theme.

Rosa Mundi was born in coincidence with the coordinates
5 ° 26’23 ” N 12 ° 19 ’55’ ‘E. His is an artist’s pseudonym.

Lent to art and photography for more than twenty years, a tireless traveler, a cat lover and a lover of esotericism, today Rosa Mundi lives between two sea islands and an island in the river.

What she prefers is the transposition into art of real events, taken from everyday life, and of environmental phenomenologies.

Her workshop path starts from photography, reinterpreting reality and the imagination in an imaginative and constant dialogue, to go as far as video productions and mixed installations obtained through the use
of glass, fabric, iron, steel and wooden structures.

The artist Rosa Mundi since 1992 treads the international art scenes making herself appreciated only for her works and for the numerous cultural initiatives promoted, keeping her true identity in the strictest secrecy, moved by the conviction that art must disregard he image of the artist himself letting the messages, poetics and production emerge in toto and only.

Rosa Mundi attends courses in Painting, Sculpture, Choreography and Art History at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice, the Academie des Beaux Arts in Strasburg and the Ecole Martenot in Paris.

Since 1992 he has exhibited in numerous cities around the world including Amsterdam, Strasbourg, Venice, Paris, Deauville, Vimoutiers, Canapville, Neuilly sur Seine, Cairo, Nuweba, Ras Saitan, Messina, Tindari, Selinunte, Taormina, Palermo , Salemi, Castelporrona (Grosseto), Montecarlo (Lucca), Siena.

In 2016 she was selected by the Polytechnic of Turin to exhibit in the Thetis art space on the occasion of the Venice International Architecture Biennale 2016. At the Arsenale from May to November she presents the work “Lupara al Borotalco” as part of the Gang City exhibition. .

Years later, she too participates in the 2011 Venice Biennale of Contemporary Art.

Rosa Mundi was recently chosen to represent as an artist the 2021 Ski World Cup celebrated in Cortina d’Ampezzo, where the open air exhibition “Sotto Sopra ”, Curated by the architect Giancamillo Custoza and organized in collaboration with the historic Minigolf Helvetia and the Donà dalle Rose Foundation.

In 2016 Rosa Mundi completed a great project written in 2009: an interdisciplinary performance called BIAS that is preparing to globally spread the innovative concept of a transnational art Biennale focused on the artist’s spirituality and no longer on his nationality or language.
It all begins with exhibitions in Palermo at the RISO Museum – Palazzo Belmonte, the Cathedral, Palazzo delle Aquile and the Church of the Teatini.

BIAS supports and promotes art as a tool for investigation, denunciation and knowledge, free from superstructures and prejudices, capable of generating collective growth, new expressive contexts and interreligious dialogue.

To welcome the BIAS project with enormous enthusiasm, contributing to its diffusion both in Italy and abroad, there will be Chiara Modica Donà dalle Rose, patron and collector, who is still BIAS Director and always reminds us how this Biennale is committed to spreading “An art deprived of nationalistic visions and geopolitical constraints, with the aim of creating and promoting a universal language that knows how to overcome not only ideological barriers but also objective difficulties, as in the case of Covid which, however much it has been and continues to being an ‘event’ that is very hard to counteract has nevertheless represented a spur, an incentive not to give up, starting for the Third Edition from Venice, on an ideal journey through humanity, from the North to the South not only of the Bel Paese but also of the world, in the certainty that ART NEVER DIES ».

BIAS is a biennial event that takes place mainly in Sicily, an island that the artist has chosen as one of his main inspiring lands and then opens up to many other places and historic cities between Italy and the rest of Europe, Asia, East and Africa over the weeks following the inauguration.

2020 successfully marks the third edition of BIAS focused on the dual theme of Time and Game, reinterpreted by 100 selected artists from all over the world.

For the 2022 edition the works are already in full swing and by the middle of the year (2021) the new theme will be announced on which once again artists from all over the globe will be called upon to challenge themselves and confront each other, being selected as always through a special call chaired by a commission created ad hoc.

Rosa Mundi’s artistic thought finds its voice and space in BIAS which, from the very beginning, aims to be an authentic opportunity for meeting and confrontation, and an appeal to artists from all over the world to commit themselves to the creation and promotion of an art free from prejudices. , integral and profound, no longer a mere bargaining chip and sinister object of financial investments.

Consistent and sure of her ideological positions, Rosa Mundi is a veritable volcano of ideas and projects that have art as their common denominator while spanning the most diverse areas of creativity, without ever forgetting Man and the importance of a Life. in which we are all called to Respect and Mutual Support.

Rosa Mundi has developed numerous techniques in which three-dimensionality and two-dimensionality are not given by photographic or computerized techniques but by the search for the infinite space inside the work and the ability of the work itself to recreate and reproduce itself in close connection with the place in which it is placed. and for which it is designed.

The spatial concept of Fontana relives and nests in the works of Rosa Mundi.

Her works evoke a “non-place” by recreating the philosophical essence of her reflections in the transparency of the glass, without ever yielding to mere conceptualisms.

The artist looks at philosophy by decoding it into reflected images that intersect and embrace each other.

The key to the work is partly manifest and partly hidden in it through a subliminal message and from time to time different that only the collector or whoever buys the work is given to know, by virtue of a secret pact between Rosamundi and the world with the intent of overcoming the time limit of one’s human existence.

Exhibitions of Rosa Mundi’s works are currently underway both in Italy and abroad thanks to BIAS 2020 in addition to the open air exhibition “Sotto Sopra” inaugurated in Cortina D’Ampezzo (on the occasion of the 2021 Ski World Cup) between the end of 2020 / early 2021 and which will remain in place until 28 December of this year.

Between 2017 and 2019 the artist has exhibited both in Italy (Sicily, Veneto, Piedmont) and in France, Holland, Egypt, Australia. 2016 was particularly intense, the year in which Rosamundi exhibited at the Castello di Morsasco (photographic staff “The Stone” sponsored by Asso Castelli and the Piedmont Region), she became co-worker of the Dimora Oz project and participated in the Finnish international exhibition “Piexelache”, in Helsinki, with the installation ‘Video Virtual Mapping Admid Animals Morph Empathic Phisiognomy’ on the theme of empathy, reworking the principles of the dark room by Gian Battista La Porta.

In 2015 he wrote the screenplay and co-directed the film “The other face of Corleone” as well as presenting the traveling exhibition “Sicily – The Face of a Humanity” at Palazzo Monte di Pietà (Palermo), sponsored by ABI and exhibited in the headquarters of the main Italian banks. Rosamundi’s participation in the collective exhibition “The Power of Diversity” for UNESCO DESS, on the other hand, dates back to 2014, inside the Serpottian Church of the Three Kings in Palermo.


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