Rosa Mundi.
  She was born at the intersection of the coordinates 5 ° 26’23 ” Noth and 12 ° 19 ’55” East.

Rosa Mundi is an artist’s pseudonym. She lives between two European Islands, the location of which the artist wants to keep as a secret. A tireless traveler, dedicated to art and photography, and later video art, over twenty years, she transposes into art and artistic phenomena real events of everyday life and environmental phenomena. She uses different media, from photography, by reinterpreting it in an imaginative constant dialogue between reality and imagination, including complex installations made of textiles, plexiglass, iron, steel, wooden structures. She attended Painting, Sculpture, Choreography and Art History classes at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice, the Academy of Fine Arts in Strasburg, the Ecole Martenot in Paris. Over the past 20 years she has exhibited in Strasbourg, in Venice, in Paris, in Deauville, in Vimoutiers, in Canapville, in Neuilly sur Seine, in Palerme, in Salemi (Trapani), in Castelporrona (Grosseto), in Montecarlo (Lucca), in Siena. In 2016, she was selected by the Politecnico of Torino to exhibit at Thetis Art Space at the International Architecture Biennale in Venice; furthermore, she exhibited her work “Lupara to Borotalco” at the Venice Arsenale (from May to November 2016) in the exhibition Gang City. She also participated in the Contemporary Art Biennale in Venice in 2011. Moreover, in 2016 Rosa Mundi completed a large project written in 2009, consisting in a huge interdisciplinary performance named BIAS – in both Venice and Palermo – involving more than 77 artists from all over the world in an ‘innovative concept of transnational Biennale focused on the artist’s spirituality, instead of on the nationality or language they speak’. She also exhibited at the Museum RISO – Palazzo Belmonte, in the Palermo Cathedral, the Palace of the Eagles and the Theatiner Church. In November 2016, at the Morsasco Castle, she held a solo exhibition of photos entitled “The Stone”, sponsored by Ace Castles and the Piedmont Region. In September 2016, she attended the international exhibition in Helsinki Finnish called Piexelache, with a video installation titled Virtual Mapping ADMID Animals Morph Empathic Phisiognomy, on the theme of empathy, reworking the principles of the darkroom by Gian Battista La Porta. Since February 2016, she has been co-working with Dimora Oz. In 2015, she exhibited at Palazzo Monte di Pieta in Palermo, at the exhibition entitled ‘Sicily – The Face of Humanity’, sponsored by ABI, an exhibition which travelled around the headquarters of some Italian banks. In 2015, she co-directed and started writing the screenplay of the film ‘The Other Side of Corleone’. In 2009, she wrote the historical philosophical novel ‘The Bestiary in the Rose Garden’, based on the Neoplatonism of Pico della Mirandola. In 2014, she exhibited in the group exhibition ‘The Power of Diversity’ – for UNESCO DESS, inside the Church of the Three Kings, at Serpotta, in Palermo, a city under nomination for inscription on the World Heritage List.