Virtual Mapping Amid Animals Morph empathic Physiognomy

Virtual Mapping Amid Animals Morph empathic Physiognomy

Original Location – In the middle Mediterranean  apple’s eye, Rosa Mundi,  installazione/multimedia art                                            

Starting from the creation of the darkroom in the book Magia naturalis of Giovan Battista Della Porta in 1586 (Neapolitan humanist, author of Humana Physiognomonia where you traced the man’s moral and psychological portraits from his physical appearance overall) Rosa Mundi shall develop and pursue a work that explores the aesthetic empathy/spiritual phenomenological material///animal. A journey and a search on empathy from animal eye built on the same principle of the darkroom where the objective lens is the lens, light the entrance wound to the apple of eye, beyond which lies the dark Chamber of the eye (retinal images are projected on the bottom through a process of the brain). Communication between two darkrooms best describes the ability of empathy, regarded as intuition, allowing access to the areas of consciousness and sensory.

Through an unknown number of large photos of eyes of living beings (animals, men) printed on silk starched (tugs and framed in a darkroom and cut instead of the apple of eye) the audience will discover a second layer behind transparent linen (darkroom) on which will be projected to the negative from the video projector images of Virtual life with a short video of 9 seconds. The rushing virtual life will sense the rhythm of time of empathy, an immediate perception also called intuition

Two Casual observers will depart from opposite sides on their journey between animal crossing be empathetic. The observer will take 4 seconds to write 1 + 4 (primitive senses) words on touchscreen on each empathic experience lived. Will barefoot and on the floor there will be different materials sand water, mud, talcum powder, wind, heat. In the end, the last two pupils there will also be the headphones, and you will see each other through the 5 words multiplied for pupils views, with the words of another contemporary observer occasional cross. If there is coincidence between the words of two individuals, a sound that matches the flapping of wings, transformed into production in Infrasound with corresponding projecting a strong scent of rose essence.

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